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The Mustache Craze


The ‘stache. 

Why the sudden obsession? Why do so many people these days love the idea of branding themselves with everything from mustache cuff links to mustache manicures? There’s even an app called Stachematic that lets you superimpose all different shaped and colored mustaches on your (or preferably your child’s) pictures.

In other news, many are calling red gowns the hottest red carpet trend, but I beg to differ. I’d say the ‘stache (slash beard slash goatee) was the must have accessory at this year’s Golden Globes. Facial hair reigned supreme on the likes of Leo Dicaprio (hi), Damien Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Will Ferrel, Ben Affleck, and even Tina Fey. 


You may be wondering what Kristin Wiig is doing in my celeb mustache collage. Although she did not adorn herself in a mustache, she is one of my favorite comedians of all time so she gets to stay. 

These sort of exploited trends are fascinating to me. 2011 was all about skulls. Then came our obsession with wayfarers in 2012. Now, 2013 is the year of the mustache. I’m not sure about why or how these trends explode, I’ll leave that to Malcolm Gladwell (Author of The Tipping Point.)

However, I did read something intriguing about the motivation behind donning a mustache in Stephanie LaCava’s book, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects. "Halsman says, ‘The great lesson of Dali’s mustaches is that we all must patiently or impatiently grow within us something that makes us different, unique and irreplaceable.’" 

Could that be what we’re all after? To mark ourselves with a (real or figurative) mustache must mean we are setting ourselves apart from the crowd, expressing our quirky alternative side. But what happens when everyone starts doing the same “different” thing, Halsman? Does it lose its luster? Which begs the question, do we sometimes express ourselves in certain ways solely for the appeal of being different? And if we do, what does that say about us? Would it be better if we could all stop concerning ourselves with whether we are going against the grain or with it and instead focus on expressing ourselves authentically? Or can it be that our authentic selves have an inherent longing to be different, in whatever capacity that may be, and maybe there’s nothing wrong with that? I don’t have answers for you today, only questions. And mustaches. And skulls and wayfarers. 


Why do you think the ‘stache is so trendy? Also, I need to know, re: my red carpet facial hair collage, who wore it best? 

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